Move-Out Checklist

Need our move-out checklist? We’ve provided the list here in two convenient formats. Please download, print and fill out the checklist. Submit it to us when you are ready.

Move-Out Check List

Please use this checklist to review your apartment before moving out. Be certain to submit the form to us within 24 hours of moving out. You can submit the form to us at our office or email the signed copy to us here:

Procedures For Moving Out

1. All kitchen appliances shall be cleaned, along with the areas between and behind appliances. The stove burner rims, inside of top lid and even must be thoroughly cleaned.

2. All cabinets shall be emptied, thoroughly cleaned and free from grease, dirt and shelf covering.

3. Bathroom tiles, grout, and fixtures shall be thoroughly cleaned.

4. Refrigerator shall be emptied, defrosted, cleaned, wiped dry and left ON and LOW setting.

5. Rugs and floors shall be cleaned of dirt and stains.

6. Baseboards shall be cleaned.

7. All closets and storage spaces shall be cleaned of debris and personal possessions. AII newspapers, telephone books, and clothes hangers, etc. shall be removed.

8. All noticeable marks and stains shall be wiped off from walls, switch plates, doors, and moldings.

9. Windows and window ledges and sills shall be cleaned.

10. Picture hooks and hangers shall NOT be removed from walls as this may cause further damage.(unless you plan on fixing the holes and repainting the walls)

11. Unit paint should be original color from move in date; charges will apply for repainting of the unit.

12. Telephone and utility bills shall be paid in advance and respective companies are to be notified of discontinuance.

13. All sets of keys(key fobs, and parking passses) must be returned to the office in a sealed envelope within 12 hours of vacating.(268 Centre St Newton,MA 02458) Please label the front of the envelope with the address of the unit you are vacating, don’t forget to enclose the security deposit distribution/ forwarding address form. If the security deposit form is not returned, one check will be cut with all tenants names on the same check and mailed to your K&L apartment address in hopes it will be forwarded to you. If our office is closed, you may slip the completed move out envelope in our locked mailbox to the left of our front door. Please do not drop off keys without a labeled envelope.

14. Vacating tenants will be charged $50.00 for each set of keys not returned within 24 hours of move out.

15. Maintenance bills $75.00 per hour for cleaning not completed, removal of trash, repairs as of result of tenants etc. or $125.00 per hour for holidays or weekends plus materials. Any maintenance or key charges will be deducted from security deposit. *Remember if September 1 falls on a Saturday or a holiday such as Labor Day the $125.00 overtime charge will apply*

16. Keep in mind your trash removal at time of move out and plan accordingly. Trash or items left out early can result in fines from the city or removal costs by management which may be deducted from your security deposit.Pictures of units/furniture will be taken in advance so we will know if certain furniture left out belongs to your unit.If you have furniture you plan on throwing out, please start breaking it down and putting it out w/ the weekly trash. Do not wait for August 31st.

17. Please reinstall all smoke/CO detectors ASAP, so that you are not charged for them

18. If vacating the unit before your designated lease end date, please email your property manager. All tenants must vacate the apartment by 11:59pm on the termination date of their lease, as we will be having cleaning crews starting at Midnight.

Remember any items left behind will result in deductions from security deposits.

Security deposits will be mailed within 30 days of lease termination date to forwarding addresses provided by tenants.

Thank you for your tenancy and good luck with your future endeavors.

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