Whether you already own a rented property or are thinking of getting one, hiring a property management company is in your best interest for countless reasons. Many landlords tend to ask themselves this question at some point during their property business.

As you might agree, owning a rental property comes with many unique challenges, and some require both skill and experience to tackle without feeling like leaving the property business. However before taking that leap, here are a couple of reasons that should help you figure out whether hiring a property management company is for you.


  • Your experience managing a property

Having the primary real estate and property management knowledge is undoubtedly necessary but is not enough to see you through when dealing with nightmare tenants. As you might discover, surviving in the rental property business requires both skills and experience which is what a good property management company will provide you.  Although many investors would prefer having a hands-on role in the management of their property, having a reputable property management company will surely offer you a much better experience.


  • The condition of the property

When you buy a property that was previously owned, the chances are that you might have to do a lot of maintenance and repairs. Kunevich & Lau Property Management has partnered with several vendors and can help you with renovations and repairs to increase the market value of your property. This is another reason why hiring a property management companies are so helpful to property owners.


  • Tenant screening and turnover

Tenants come in all kinds, and it is important to have ways of determining whether the tenants meet your expectation and standards.  You should get a tenant who is not only able to pay rent but also responsible enough to pay it on time, each time. Most property management companies have proven tenants screening and follow-up methods that will ensure that you are getting the best tenants to rent your property.


  • Other commitments you might have

Whether you are also working at a company or just have too much going on at home, having a property management company will help you achieve more by saving you both time and money. Most companies will also market your property to ensure that you are getting customers all the time and your rent is paid according to market prices.


  • Distance

Distance is another factor  that could determine whether or not getting a property management company is for you. Even if it’s just a single property, if you reside far from it, the best option will be to hire a property management company. Although some may argue that they can show up at the property on short notice and sort whatever needs sorting, in practice, this is never the case. We never when a there can be a burst pipe at 3 o’clock in the morning. Having a property manager gives you that peace of mind that they will need to take care of this issues anytime.

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