“The property looked a lot nicer before renting it to them.” – You’ve probably heard this before or even said it yourself. In spite the high screening standards we maintain for all our tenants, regular property inspections are critical, ensuring that no maintenance issues are left unresolved. Even the best tenants can sometimes avoid carrying out simple maintenance tasks that could lead to a significant structural, electrical or plumbing system repairs.

Imagine how a neglected furnace filter replacement in a frequently used heating system could lead to an expensive heating or AC system maintenance.  It’s therefore necessary to perform both scheduled and non-scheduled inspections regularly. Not only that but regular property inspections also guarantees that tenants are given an opportunity to make right in any lease violation and are held responsible while still on your property. This can also help you avoid unnecessary repair costs after the tenant has vacated your property.

  1. Property inspections can prevent severe catastrophes

Any skilled and experienced home inspector should be able to spot a safety hazard or potential problem from a mile away. These types of issues or potential risks can be related to electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc. systems. Leaking is also a small but significant problem that if left unresolved can lead to mold growth and cause extensive damage to the surrounding wall. By conducting regular property inspections, you can avoid not only sizeable maintenance cost but also ensure that the quality of your property is not compromised.

  1. Regular property inspection makes communication between the landlord and tenant much-easier.

Communication is vital between the landlord/property management company and tenant. Conducting regular property inspections will ensure excellent communication between the tenant and landlord which will make it easier for the tenant to inform you of any issues. Not only that but having good communication will also make it easier to resolve misunderstandings and build strong business relationships.

  1. Property inspections ensure that tenant’s needs are met.

Regular property inspections can also be a great chance to meet the tenants and discuss any pending issues or any other problem that needs addressing. Doing this will ensure that your tenants are enjoying the property and even think of extending their stay.

  1. Property inspections can help you know more about your tenant.

It can be almost impossible to know all about your tenant from the get-go. However, with time, hidden habits can quickly get noticed. The best way to spot these patterns is by doing regular property inspections. Unhealthy habits like hoarding can profoundly bring damage to your property as they can increase the risk of pests or rodent infestation. Hence, by doing regular inspections, we can discover and address these issues with your tenant.

  1. Property inspections ensure that tenants are following the regulations set by you, the landlord.

You’ve probably entered into an agreement with the tenant about all the do’s and don’ts. Performing regular property inspections is the best way of telling whether your tenants are abiding by the set conditions. Even the best and most behaved tenants can become careless, however, knowing that they’ll be subject to an inspection can make them keep the property in good shape.



We have witnessed first-hand just how much money you can save by performing regular preventative maintenance. Having routine inspections done for your property is an essential part of running a real estate business. For this reason, we at K&L insist on conducting property inspections on a bi-annual basis to ensure the quality of the property is not compromised. We will be doing two inspections per year at your property and provide you with a formal report(more frequent inspections can be requested). Our inspection process consists of;

  •       A walk-through around the property
  •       Filling out an official inspection report that includes pictures and notes
  •       Going through the report for any glaring issues
  •       Provision of a formal statement to you along with pictures and descriptions of the condition of the property.
  •       Scheduling any approved repairs noticed on the report

We would also be happy to facilitate more frequent inspections as per your request.