As a rental property investor, you should always focus on retaining your current tenants to ensure a continuous profit. The best ways to do this is by ensuring that your tenants are well cared for and have all their complaints resolved as quickly as possible.

In most cases, however, doing this can be challenging without professional help from an established property management company. This is especially true if you own a large property or have multiple properties. With decades of experience, Kunevich and Lau has helped a lot of rental property investors find their freedom without losing control of their property. We handle everything on your behalf ensuring that you are receiving full reports on your property.

Why is this important? Here’s why:


  • Easy to work with

Getting a property manager who cares about your business and progress is very essential as working with him or her will be a lot easier. When you hire us, you will also receive professional advice based on 40 years of property management experience that will help you make the right decision for your business growth. Our company also uses the latest management softwares in the industry. These softwares ensures efficient communication and reporting between the landlord and us.


  • Tenants relationship 

Building a great relationship between you and your tenants is very vital and having a property manager who listens and cares is key to achieving that. At Kunevich and Lau, we focus on building a personal relationship with each tenant. That’s why we have a proving fast and convenient methods for every tenant to reach us from all major platforms. Using these tools, tenants can communicate with our customer support team 24/7 to ensure that all concerns are addressed promptly. We have also divided our divisions depending on tenant’s needs.


  • Solving tenants problems

Dealing with day to day tenants issues can be challenging even for an experienced rental property investor. From resolving disputes to money problems, having a property manager who listens is very essential. Our staff at K&L are trained to handle all kinds of situations and ensure that your rental property is safe and any problems/issues are resolved appropriately.  Not only do we listen but we also care and understand the tenant’s perspective – treating each issue uniquely.


  • Have long-term tenants

Having a great management company will encourage tenants to stay longer or even sign long-term contracts. This is because the tenants will feel cared for and appreciated having all their problems resolved timely.  Emergency bursts pipes? No problem! We’ll be there to handle the issue. Solving tenant’s problems can also help you avoid lawsuits and other serious issues. At Kunevich & Lau, we have zero vacancies for all rental properties. This is because we make sure that we maintain great tenant relationship and address tenant issues promptly and without having to trouble the landlords.


  • Get more tenants through word of mouth.

Good news spreads fast! If your tenants are treated well and enjoying their stay on your property, they will probably be more than happy to recommend you to their family and friends. This is great for business as it will ensure that there are no vacancies throughout the year and hence more profit.


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