Purchasing and maintaining a rental property can be quite expensive, and the last thing you need is having it damaged by your tenant. This is because damages to the property over time increase the total maintenance bill. At Kunevich and Lau, we understand how valuable your property is to you, and in this article, we will explore various ways you can protect it from damage inflicted by tenants.


  • Good Tenant Screening

Getting a good tenant is very important as it reduces the chances that he/she will cause any damage to your property. To achieve this, you should have a thorough and consistent screening process in place that every applicant/prospective tenant should go through. This is because getting a bad tenant out of your property can be quite challenging and in extreme cases even find yourself dealing with the law.

From applications, paper works to performing full background checks, Kunevich & Lau will help you filter through the applicants and only accept those deemed reliable. This will ensure that you only get the best tenants and never have to deal with damages/destruction on your property.


  • Property Inspections

Another way you can avoid property damages by tenants is through performing regular inspections. From spotting damages to illegal activities, inspection is vital as they will help you understand the current state of your property and whether or not your current tenant is taking a good care of it. At Kunevich & Lau, we perform regular scheduled and unscheduled inspections to your property and send you a full report including pictures to ensure that you are fully aware of how your property is doing regardless of how far you reside. During the inspection, our professionals focus on prevention of potential damages to your property to avoid unnecessary costs in the future.


  • Hold Tenants Accountable

If something in your property gets damaged due to abuse or neglect on the tenant’s end, you should send him/her the repair bill and ensure that your property is fully repaired. We understand how stubborn tenants can get sometimes and use proven techniques to deal with such cases as indicated in the tenant’s lease agreement, ensuring that your property is fully restored to its original state. We do these things for all properties we manage, focusing on reducing the cost you incur due to tenant –caused damages.


  • Security Deposit

Before letting a tenant move in your property, it is essential that you ensure that he/she has paid the security deposit in full. This is a good way to protect yourself and avoid spending a fortune on damages caused by the tenant. We have a team of professionals here in Kunevich & Lau that will handle everything from sourcing the perfect tenants for your property to billing and maintenance. With unmatched experience, rest assured that your property is in good hands while receiving regular updates at any time.


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